Our solution for Childhood Obesity

The Light at the end of the tunnel for Daniel.

I hope you all saw the article about my amazing young client, Daniel Killeavy in the Sunday Independent Life Magazine today by Joy Orpen Kanter.

I am so incredibly proud of Daniel who has now reached a total weight loss of 13 stone 3 lbs since he first came to see me on 7th March this year.  He is now finally living a life of a typical 16 year old boy, with a sense of well deserved happiness and confidence. The difficulty in everyday activities is gone, and now he’s able to put his enthusiasm into study, socialising and sport.

While it sounds impossible to lose this type of weight in just 8 months, it is completely achievable with the right diet, attitude and dedication.  “We had tried everything under the sun” says his mother, Samantha.   And indeed they had, bringing Daniel to see several professionals including paediatrician, dietitician, psychologist and their GP. With several failed attempts to lose weight with dieting and exercise, Daniel was finally referred to the National Obesity Clinic in Loughlinstown, but sadly, the waiting list was over 2 years long! At this point his parents started looking for private treatment options and Dr. Eva’s name kept on popping up, so they decided to come and see me at my Oranmore Clinic in Galway. “ I knew Eva’s diet was my very last chance”, says Daniel.

Daniel weighed 28st 8lb when I first met him, he lacked confidence and was clearly not content with his life. After his assessment and explaining the diet options and their various benefits, Daniel wanted to try this new Very Low Calorie Ketogenic Diet (VLCKD) approach.  Not only was he able to stick to it but within a few days he did not feel hungry, and the weight was falling off with the speed he had never seen before. With this winning combination he has now reached a healthy weight and is able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise.

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