Dr. Eva’s Celeriac Slaw

Serves 3-4


1/2 white cabbage

1/2 red cabbage

1/2 celeriac

Salad dressing:

200g Hellman’s lighter than light mayonnaise

1 large red chilli, chopped very finely

3 garlic cloves, crushed

Juice of one lime

1 tsp Herbamare

1 tsp Xylitol

Zest of 1/2 lemon

10 mint leaves, chopped

How to prepare:

  1. Choose the cabbages and celeriac to be approximately the same size, this will make the consistency and flavour good.
  2. Peel celeriac. Chop the celeriac and cabbages to a size small enough to fit the entrance of a food processor. Use the food processors grating blade to glate them.
  3. Empty the grated vegetables into a large container. Go through the vegetables to remove any large pieces that didn’t grate well.
  4. Mix salad dressing ingredients together in a bowl and mix in with grated vegetables.
  5. This slaw can be served as part of a salad with green leaves or as a salad on its own