Diabetes programme (type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus)

Weight reduction is the most effective treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. In many cases this disease can be reversed and in all cases significantly improved. Let Dr Eva and her team help you get cured.

Get motivated and encouraged to lose weight with our Diabetes programme. Special aim of this programme is to improve glucose control through weight loss and dietary modification. This programme is suitable for diabetic individuals who need medical supervision from Dr. Eva Orsmond.

Although every client is different, Dr. Eva Orsmond believes that Type 2 diabetes is possibly reversible for some individuals.

Type 1 diabetes can be managed better with individualised dietary adjustments.

Diabetes programme

  • starts after a comprehensive Initial assessment with Dr. Eva Orsmond, including review of medication and dosage
  • consists of 12 appointments; with minimum of three appointments with Dr. Eva Orsmond along with further support for insulin-dependent diabetics
  • inclusive of blood tests (repeated throughout the programme)

Programme is tailored to suit individual weight loss goals

  • current medication is discussed and blood tests are performed at the start of the diet
  • individualised approach given to each client
  • dietary focus at each visit is based on how blood sugars are responding to the diet
  • various diet plans to choose from
  • weekly appointments ideal for motivation and for monitoring blood sugars and progress
  • nutritionist works with client to keep diet varied, practical and interesting
  • long term skills to maintain weight loss, including cooking and portion control form an integral part of this programme

Initial assessment

  • each client is assessed by Dr. Eva Orsmond before starting on this programme
  • this appointment is required to gather important details of the clients medical history, and also to understand personal background, weight history, and current lifestyle and dietary habits
  • starting weight is recorded (using Tanita Bio-Impedance scale), waistline is measured and an initial weight loss target is set
  • the different diet plans are explained and the client decides between choices

Diet plan choices

  • Low Glycaemic Diet: typically 10% weight reduction in 12 weeks
  • Specialist Low Calorie Diet: typically 10% weight reduction in 9 weeks
  • Very Low Calorie Ketogenic Diets: typically 10% weight reduction in 30-40 days

Follow-on weight loss programmes and Weight maintenance programmes

  • flexible Follow-on programmes to achieve further weight loss goals


Diabetic Assessment                                        €250

Diabetic Programmes from                            €950- €1,250.00

Diabetic Follow on Programmes from          €850- €1,150.00