Depending on your personal background, we will advise you which of the following Assessments and Programmes will suit you best.

Price list for our Assessments

Non-Medical Assessment                                           €85

Full Medical Assessment                                            €250

Diabetic Medical Assessment                                    €250

Parent & child Assessments                                      €350

Price list for our Programmes

Non-Medical Programmes

6 appointments                                                            €360

8 appointments                                                            €440

12 appointments                                                          €600

Non-Medical Follow-up Programmes (after completion of any of the above Programmes)

6 appointments                                                           €240

12 appointments                                                         €420

Medical Programmes all 12 visits

Mini-Medical Programme                                        €700

Full Medical Programme                                         €1095

**Follow-on Medical Programme                            €750

Diabetic Medical Programme                                 €1,250

**Follow-on Medical Programme                             €1,150

Adult & Child/Teen Programme                               from €1,400

Follow -on Programmes for Adult & Child              from €840

Other services

Individual visit with Dr. Orsmond                             €85

Fasting bloods                                                                €100

Based on your Assessment, your Nutritionist or Dr. Eva Orsmond advise you on which Programme suits your needs best.

Our Programme prices start from €360 for 6 appointments.

Each Programme is structured as follows:

The first appointment takes 45 minutes, which allows us to go through the diet you have chosen in detail. You will be well prepared for your first few days on the diet with your written Dietplan and suitable recipes.

The second appointment takes 30 minutes, which allows you time to ask questions and for us to make a new plan for your upcoming days, along with suitable recipes.

The remaining ten appointments are 15 minutes each. This allows us to discuss the week you have just had and plan the week ahead with suitable suggestions and recipes.

Follow-on programmes are available after completion of your first programme.

Follow-on programme prices start from €240.

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