Healthy living programme

Make better choices whether its to lose weight or improve your overall health, our one to one consultations will help you achieve your goal

Get motivated to improve your health with our Healthy living programme. This programme is aimed at individuals who want develop healthier eating habits and improve their health. It can be tailor-made to suit individual requirements, such as lowering cholesterol or improving IBS symptoms.

Starts after an Initial assessment

Consists of 4 appointments with our qualified nutritionists

Programme is tailored to suit individual health goals

  • individualized approach given to each client
  • individualized dietary protocol designed based on the client’s needs
  • regular appointments ideal for monitoring progress and motivation
  • nutritionist works with client to keep diet varied, practical and interesting

Initial assessment

  • before starting a programme, the client has a comprehensive assessment with our nutritionist
  • this appointment helps us gather relevant details of their background, current lifestyle and dietary habits, and focus on their current concerns
  • weight is recorded (using Tanita Bio-Impedance scale) and waistline is measured ( to exclude possible need for weight loss)

The main aim of the consultations is to provide you with the opportunity to access the information you need to develop healthy eating habits and improve your health. The information will be provided in a practical, easy to follow way. Ongoing support and help tailored to your individual needs is provided at each consultation.