Fertility programme

We have helped many women to achieve their dream. A healthy weight and the right diet has a large part to play in conception. So take a step in the right direction to creating a family & make an appointment with us.

This programme is suitable for both women hoping to conceive or for those already pregnant. Fertility and a healthy pregnancy for both mother and baby are greatly improved by achieving a healthy weight and eating a balanced diet before and during pregnancy.
Avoiding excess weight gain during the pregnancy can be challenging. We can aim for a safe and minimal weight gain to ensure optimal health benefits for both the mother and the unborn. Whether you are already pregnant or hoping to conceive, our Fertility programme will help you to improve your diet, and lose weight in a healthy way.

Starts after an Initial assessment

Consists of 12 appointments with our qualified nutritionists

Programme is tailored to suit individual goals

  • individualised approach given to each client
  • various diet plans to choose from, whether goal is to maintain current weight or lose weight
  • weekly appointments ideal for monitoring progress and motivation while trying to lose weight, less frequent appointments ideal for those already pregnant
  • nutritionist works with client to keep diet safe, varied, practical and interesting
  • special interest given to needs of women pre-conception or during pregnancy
  • long term skills to maintain weight loss, including cooking and portion control form an integral part of this programme

Initial assessment

  • before starting a programme, the client has a comprehensive assessment with our nutritionist
  • this appointment helps us gather relevant details of their background, current lifestyle and dietary habits, and weight history
  • starting weight is recorded (using Tanita Bio-Impedance scale), waistline is measured and an initial weight loss target is set (if weight loss is a goal)
  • the different diet plans are explained and the client decides between choices

Diet plan choices

  • Low Glycemic Diet for weight minimal weight gain during pregnancy
  • Low Glycaemic Diet: typically 10% weight reduction in 12 weeks
  • Specialist Low Calorie Diet: typically 10% weight reduction in 9 weeks
  • Very Low Calorie Ketogenic Diets: typically 10% weight reduction in 30-40 days (not recommended while already pregnant, but safe to follow until pregnancy confirmed)

Follow-On weight loss programmes and Weight maintenance programmes

  • flexible Follow-on programmes to support achieving further weight loss goals
  • flexible Weight maintenance programmes to help in keeping weight under control and stay motivated about being healthy


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