Has your bodyweight taken over your life? Need to take back control? We have the knowhow, the tools and the motivation to help you make your dreams a reality!

Get motivated and encouraged to lose weight with our Conqueror programme.

This programme is suitable for individuals who want to get the support, information and the right tools to reach a permanent healthier weight. Ideal for those wanting to lose over 3 stone.

starts after an Initial assessment

consists of 6, 8 or 12 appointments with our qualified nutritionists

Programme is tailored to suit individual weight loss goals

  • individualised approach given to each client
  • various diet plans to choose from
  • weekly appointments ideal for motivation and monitoring progress
  • nutritionist works with client to keep diet varied, practical and interesting
  • long term skills to maintain weight loss, including cooking and portion control form an integral part of this programme

Initial assessment

  • before starting a programme, the client has a comprehensive assessment with our nutritionist
  • this appointment helps us gather relevant details of their background, current lifestyle and dietary habits, and weight history
  • starting weight is recorded (using Tanita Bio-Impedance scale), waistline is measured and an initial weight loss target is set
  • the different diet plans are explained and the client decides between choices

Diet plan choices

  • Low Glycaemic Diet: typically 10% weight reduction in 12 weeks
  • Specialist Low Calorie Diet: typically 10% weight reduction in 9 weeks
  • Very Low Calorie Ketogenic Diets: typically 10% weight reduction in 30-40 days

Follow-on weight loss programmes and Weight maintenance programmes

  • flexible Follow-on programmes to achieve further weight loss goals
  • flexible Weight maintenance programmes to help in keeping weight under control and stay motivated about being healthy


Assessment                                                                                €85


6 appointments                                                                        €360

8 appointments                                                                        €440

12 appointments                                                                      €600

12 appointments with blood test (1)                                      €700

** Follow-up programmes                                        from      €240