Children & Teenagers

Help them when they are young and they can better help themselves when they are older. We are one of the few clinics offering this service. We will assist in a sympathetic manner and create better habits for the parent and the child.

Get children and teenagers motivated to lose weight on our special Child and Teen programme. This programme is suitable for children and teenagers up to the age of 17 years, and comes with supervision from Dr. Eva Orsmond.

Children and teenagers follow this programme with a supporting adult. This is required for adequate communication and follow-up of the suggested plan at home. The supporting adult can choose a different diet plan to the child or teenager, depending on possible need to lose weight themselves or  focus on healthy living and nutritional improvement of their own diet.

Child and teen programme

  • starts after an Initial assessment with Dr. Eva Orsmond has taken place for both child or teen, and the supporting adult
  • consists of 12 appointments; with minimum of two appointments with Dr. Eva Orsmond
  • inclusive of blood tests

Programme is tailored to suit individual weight loss goals

  • individualized approach ensured
  • current medication is discussed (as required)
  • various diet plans to choose from
  • weekly appointments ideal for motivation and monitoring progress
  • nutritionist works with clients to keep diet varied, practical and interesting
  • long term skills to maintain weight loss, including cooking and portion control form an integral part of this programme

Initial assessment

  • each client is assessed by Dr. Eva Orsmond before starting on this programme
  • this appointment helps us gather relevant details of the clients background, current lifestyle and dietary habits (including possible food likes and dislikes), and weight history
  • starting weight is recorded (using Tanita Bio-Impedance scale), waistline is measured and an initial weight loss target is set
  • children’s and teen’s height, weight, BMI and waistline charts are used to assess current weight in relation to height and healthy recommendations
  • the different diet plans are explained and the clients decide between choices (child or teen and supporting adult may follow either same or different diet plan)

Diet plan choices

  • Low Glycaemic Diet: typically 10% weight reduction in 12 weeks
  • Specialist Low Calorie Diet: typically 10% weight reduction in 9 weeks
  • Very Low Calorie Ketogenic Diets: typically 10% weight reduction in 30-40 days (not typically recommended for growing children)

Follow-on weight loss programmes and Weight maintenance programmes

  • flexible Follow-on programmes to achieve further weight loss goals
  • flexible Weight maintenance programmes to help in keeping weight under control and stay motivated about being healthy



One adult & one child/teen                                                        €300       – by Dr. Orsmond

2 adults & 2 children/teens                                                       €400      – by Dr. Orsmond


All Programmes consist of 12 appointments for each participant, and blood tests

Adult & child/teen                                                                   €1200

Adult & 2 children/teens                                                        €1,600

2 Adults & 2 children                                                               €2,050

Follow-on programmes                                                  from €595