Maria Minto

Sub Head

I had been steadily putting on weight since about a year after I got married and especially after having my children. I never lost all of the weight I had gained. It was starting to get me down. Then, in November 2010, I was diagnosed with a cardiac problem and advised, by my cardiologist, not to exercise at all! As a result of this I was starting to put on more and more weight which was really getting me down.

In July, I started on the very low calorie ketogenic diet (VLCKD) which I found great and would highly recommend to anyone. I found it very easy to do and the recipes you are given at the clinic are great. The fact that the weight was coming off quickly made it all the better. Within a few weeks people started to notice and the positive comments were flying. I lost almost 2 stone in 2 months! By Christmas I was down over 3 ½ stone! Some people didn’t even recognise me!

Best of all was when I went back to see my Cardiologist (He had told me, at an earlier appointment, to go away and lose some weight and this would hopefully help). He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw me. He was delighted with me and I really got the impression that I was being taken a lot more seriously because of the effort I had put in. He was very impressed with the fact that I had lost so much weight even though I was on medication and was unable to exercise.