Kim Kinsella

Lost 4 stone

Kim had been on various diets over the past 20 years. She lost substantial amounts of weight twice but the problem was keeping the weight off. This time she believes that the weight will stay off because her relationship with and behaviour towards food has changed thanks to the Orsmond Clinic.

“I was shocked to discover that my BMI was over 30 and that I was classed as obese at my initial consultation with the nutritionist. When I told a few people that I was classed as obese they all said the same thing “that can’t be true you’re not obese”.

Most people associate obesity with the super obese which we see on the television. My BMI was 31 and therefore I was officially obese. I found the diet plan was clear and told me really what to eat. This suited me and did not allow me too much variation. The weekly meeting at the Orsmond Clinic gave me the motivation to go on and on and on. It strengthened and built on my commitment every week. That, along with the consistent weight loss. On no other diet had I lost weight that consistently.”