Jan Younessi

Type 2 Diabetes

Jan Younessi was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 8 years ago

After 2 years on this medication his situation wasn’t improving, his weight had gone up and his medication was increased.

He started at Orsmond Clinics in June 2016, by October he has lost 31lbs and has reduced his HbA1c 57 (diabetic) to 37 (non-diabetic) – now he takes no Diabetic medication!

When Jan started at Orsmond Clinics in June 2016 he weighed 101.6kg (15st 13.5lbs) with a waist measurement of 117cm (ideally his waist should be 91 cm).  His HbA1c at the start whilst taking 500mg metformin was 57 (7.4%), which is bad glucose control despite the medication.  He has now lost 14kg (31lbs) and has also reduced his HbA1c from 57 (7.5%)-diabetic, to 37 (10/10/16)(5.5%)-non-diabetic – his HbA1c is now the same as a normal person.  During this time Jan has been off all his diabetic medication.  The means he has not taken 480 tablets of Glucophage/metformin!

Jan says that he feels really well now for a 63 year old man, not like the 79 year old man that he used to feel like.