Thank you RSVP for first publishing my article on weight gain during lock down, and now, to motivate their readers, giving them the opportunity to get going with our digital weight loss program!


With daily routines turned upside down as we live through these uncertain times, many people have turned to food to comfort eat. Staying healthy, fit and in a routine is more important now that it has ever been but it is hard to main during ‘lockdown’.

RSVP has teamed up with Dr. Eva Orsmond and the Orsmond Clinics to offer two lucky readers a chance to win a free digital assessment plus a 6 week appointment programme with a senior nutritional therapist.



Speaking about the programme, Dr. Eva said,

As my clinics are still operating via digital consultations, many people are in fact taking this opportunity to get the best out of the time spent in lock-down. They are delighted that now they can really concentrate on their weight loss; after all, there’s no dinners out, drinks with friends, lunchtime meetings with sandwiches, no temptations in workplace kitchen from the biscuits and buns- and no need to deny any invitations to parties or gatherings as there are simply none.  Now is the time to make the most out of this situation by learning new recipes and skills for weight management..

To enter: Simply go to our Facebook page (RSVP) and tag a friend who you wish to go on this journey with.