Diabetes education day – 11.11 at Red Cow Moran Hotel


Come and join us for an educational talk about Diabetes. Meet some of Dr. Eva’s past and current patients who have reversed their type 2 Diabetes and / or improved their blood sugar control.

Tickets available for sale at 20 euro’s though Eventbrite and at our Loughlinstown and Galway clinics. The price includes Dr. Eva’s ‘Reverse your Diabetes’ book that you will be receiving on the day.

Venue: Red Cow Moran Hotel, Normande & Guernsey Suite.

To book your place please follow the link to EVENTBRITE

Talks will be at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm

Monica talks to Dr. Eva about reversing her Type 2 Diabetes during lockdown

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“Obesity increases risk of COVID-19 death by 48%, the risk of ending up in hospital by 113% and the likelihood of admission to an Intensive Care Unit by 74%”. Pick up today’s Farmer’s Journal to read more on this and empower yourself to losing weight from Monica’s story. Obesity is a risk factor that you can do something about, unlike your age or gender. This topic of excess weight causing illness is still a taboo in Ireland and should not be so. As a nation we are trusting our health in the hands of the doctors and while some encourage their patients to take personal responsibility and action to lose weight- like Monica’s GP- many prescribe medications when the first line of action should be dietary and lifestyle changes. Us as taxpayers are paying for often unnecessary medications for mainly lifestyle related conditions such as type 2 diabetes, and those taking them suffer the side effects, both physical and mental. Our amazing Monica came to see us just a few days before lockdown in March, after being newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She did the whole diet via digital consultations with our team as our clinics were solely operating digitally until restrictions lifted, and she’s now reversed her type 2 diabetes after losing just over 3 stone!
Follow this link to listen to Monica’s experience with Orsmond clinics! Watch video here.

Weight loss expert Dr. Eva Orsmond warns public not to be duped into buying diet pills advertised in fake social media ads with her image

Dr. Eva Orsmond has become the latest household name to have her image used in a series of fake online ads.

The obesity expert has told how her clinics have received hundreds of calls from people reporting they had been scammed into paying for keto pills over the summer which claim to burn fat.

Celebrities are being increasingly targeted by scammers using their images without their permission to sell products

In the case of the weight loss expert, her image was used in a sophisticated cloaking scam which used a number of different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr to sell keto pills.

The obesity expert said she was dismayed to find out members of the public had been duped by the ads claiming ‘This thing burns fat! Without sport!'”

She said: “This has been very, very stressful.

“We have had nearly 200 calls –  and some people who found out it was a scam actually blamed us.

“There is a horrible feeling of powerlessness that you can’t clear your name.

“I have worked hard for 20 years to get a reliable reputation. I have worked on trying to give people knowledge about the consequences about overweight and obesity and practical and realistic tools to lose weight.

“I would never recommend any quick fixes when it comes to losing weight. There is no such thing as a weight loss pill that burns fat.”

The high-fat keto diet which has become popular among celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian is one of the most fashionable diets in 2020.

The Orsmond clinics were first alerted to the scam when they received calls during the summer from members of the public questioning whether Dr. Eva was endorsing a keto pill on Facebook ads in July.

Then they received calls from people claiming they had bought keto supplements for 40 euros but later found 200 euros was taken from their account.

Other people rang the Orsmond clinics to say they had ordered the pills but they had not arrived.

“This has created a lot of stress and sadness for me that there might be people out there who actually believe this because it has been attached to my name”, said Dr. Eva.

“I’m deeply upset for those who fell under this misguided information and ended up purchasing these supplements that they suggest.”

The clinic alerted the Gardai, Food Safety Authority of Ireland and the Pharmacy Association of Ireland to the fake ads during the summer.

Although the ads were initially reported to Facebook in July by the Orsmond clinics, they continued to run up until this week.

After being contacted for comment on this article, a statement from Facebook and Instagram this week said they do not allow fake or misleading ads and have now removed the ads.

“I’m obviously relieved but it’s been stressful two months.  We got nowhere until a journalist started working on this”, said Dr. Eva.

“We had so many phone calls and some people were enraged and believed we were involved in something like that.

“What worries me the most is the hundreds and thousands of people who have seen these adverts who think I’ve lost my integrity.”

A Facebook company spokesperson said Facebook and Instagram are putting significant resources towards tackling these kinds of ads.

“We have removed the ads, account holders and Pages that were running the ads using Dr. Eva Orsmond image.

“It’s important to us that ads on Facebook and  Instagram are useful to people and not used to promote deceptive behaviour, like using images of public figures to mislead people.

“Our systems get better when people report this kind of behaviour in ads by tapping the three dots in the top right corner and selecting ‘Report Ad’.

“We also ask people to report content using the in-app reporting tool so our teams can quickly locate and take action on the exact piece of content where it lives on Facebook and Instagram.’”

Facebook also added that when they find ads that try to get around our enforcement, they go beyond rejecting the ad and disable ad accounts and remove their ability to advertise in the future.

The social media giant also said they are examining ways of quickly identifying “bad actors”.

They added that they are committed to combating the industry-wide problem of scam ads, including those that may feature celebrities or other public figures.

Dr. Orsmond  said there should be more effort to make sure the source of information is correct on advertising.

“People would be better with old-fashioned newspapers which are printed in Ireland and seek information which comes from a reliable source.

“People come with different levels of education and experience in life which means some people will actually believe this.

“There is nothing wrong with being trusting but it is sad we have come to the stage in the world where you can’t trust anything anymore.”


‘Obesity affects outcomes in Covid, and that is why we must tackle it’

It’s not too late to read last Sunday’s Irish Independent on my views on the lack of government policy & guidelines on how to help people to see the link between COVID-19 and obesity- just follow the link below. It is an established scientific factor that excess weight promotes inflammation, and can lead to worse COVID-19 complications. Prevention is always better than cure as we have seen how in many cases COVID-19 leaves people with long lasting disabilities and reduced quality of life. In my opinion the best ‘herd immunity’ is achieved only by tackling the inflammation in the body by reducing any factors that send the immune system crazy, including healthy lifestyle and weight.

What do you think? Should the government be openly discussing our personal responsibility in maintaining a healthy weight especially since so much of our taxpayers money is put into various Covid-19 resources with ZERO emphasis on healthy dieting & weight management? Why is this subject such a sensitive one? Overweight and obese people need professional empathetic advice and support in tackling their weight, not finger pointing or fat shaming.
To find out more on what you can do to reduce your risk profile, contact our Head Office on 01-282 7500 or email info@orsmondclinics.com





Facebook Scam

Hi everyone,

I just wanted you all to know that I’ve been a victim of a Facebook scam in the last few days. I’m hoping to get to the bottom of it but would really appreciate anyone who has seen the posts recommending me to use these keto supplements to bring it to the attention of Facebook. As you all know I would never recommend any quick fixes as when it comes to losing weight, it takes a lot of commitment, professional advice and support to achieve your goals. I’m deeply upset for those of you who fell under this misguided information and ended up purchasing these supplements that they suggested. They have used my name and pictures in getting the attention towards these products that may in fact be harmful. Please stay safe from this type of scams and be aware that these scams are happening, and that we should all use our common sense when it comes to weight loss ‘fixes’ as there is no quick way around it.

Thank you all for your support and I hope this message reaches everyone affected with this scam!




Week Four

We’re now at the end of our 4 week series of discussions with Brendan O’Connor! Hope you’ve all found the plans and recipes helpful and learned a bit about calorie counting. It’s hard to figure out exact calories as a lot of the information on the packaging is misleading and the applications used for calorie counting are not always accurate either. It takes an experienced eye to spot these mistakes!

In this final week we’re hoping to cover some medical issues, including metabolic syndrome and why people on some medications need to be aware that their medications may need to be adjusted once weight loss and lifestyle changes start naturally improving their health. Two of the most commonly needed medications would be those to treat blood sugars (for type 1 and type 2 diabetics) and hypertension (blood pressure), and you need an experienced doctor as well as regular monitoring to know how to adjust these medications. We’ll try to squeeze some chat also about snacks and give you some low calorie snack alternatives to help you further in your journey!

Be sure to tune in this Saturday, 4th of July on Radio One at 11am.

Click on the following link for plan –>

Diet Plan- Week Four


Week Three

This week we’ll be discussing how to survive on the diet when going out- a hot topic as the pubs, restaurants and cafes are due to open. Dieting is not needing to be restrictive if you choose to eat somewhere where they have the menu calorie counted or are happy to make changes to suit you! We’ll also discuss lower calorie alternatives to popular choices and wrap up with discussing alcohol during a diet as we ran out of time last week!

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Week Three


Week Two

Welcome to the second week of my tips as discussed on Radio One Brendan O’Connor show this Saturday the 20th of June at 11am! Hope you all survived and succeeded through the first week- always the toughest! In this chat we’re dwelling more into the unpleasant side effects of weight loss diet- hunger and constipation and what you can do about them. We’ll touch up on the effects of alcohol on dieting and finish up with some motivational tips before letting you in on what’s coming up next week!

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Diet Plan- Week Two

Week One

Who would have ever thought dieting doesn’t necessarily have to mean giving up everything you love? Once you get familiar with calorie counting, you can make up your daily calories from foods that you love- keeping in mind that sugar and refined carbohydrates are best to be avoided when possible! Fill up on vegetables, have some protein at each meal and allow yourself to indulge in smaller portions of your favourite treats on occasion.
Here’s our first week of the four week series on Brendan O’Connor show starting this Saturday the 13th June on Radio One where I talk you through some simple steps on how to implement a calorie-counted plan for you!
You can skip something such as a snack to keep calories around the 1000kcal if you wanted to get a bigger kick start’.

Click here on the following link for plan ->

Week 1- Fast plan

Ireland AM- Healthy Eating during Covid 19

Many of our routines have been turned upside down in the last few weeks, with some of our eating habits out of kilter too. I will be sharing my tips on Ireland AM this Friday morning 1st May after 8.30am on how to stay healthy during Covid 19 and take back control of our diet.


If you missed my interview on Ireland AM you watch it on the following link: