18th May 2017

South Dublin County Council’s Health and Wellbeing Week got into a sunny start in Tallaght stadium today. Children were engaging in various sporting activities when I arrived to be part of launching  this important community event with Mayor Paul Gogarty.

As you may have seen from my documentary Ireland’s Health Divide, the location where you live in our country can affect your health and longevity. We can however make some personal choices that influence us even perhaps more than genes and environment. In my talk I encouraged people to work on just four basic principles: stop smoking (if a smoker), take regular exercise, eat a healthy and balanced diet and reduce weight (if needed) and/or maintain a healthy weight.

But we absolutely need encouragement and support in doing all this! One of the brilliant programmes as part of this healthy initiative is We Can Quit- programme focused on helping women to stop smoking (see more at https://www.cancer.ie/reduce-your-risk/community/we-can-quit/about-we-can-quit#sthash.RNO1mPoi.dpbs). Likewise people in need to lose weight and learn the skills to maintain the healthy weight must learn many skills from shopping for the right ingredients, reading food labelling, cooking and of course, stay motivated to do so in our obesogenic environment!

Me and my team of Nutritionists are here to help you. Check out some of my Recipes on this website to see how tasty weight loss can actually be, and see some of our Success stories where our clients share their experience.