My mother told me about the Orsmond Clinics and I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Eva. I was naturally nervous and to be honest after watching her on Operation Transformation was dreading what she would say to me. Dr. Eva was lovely to meet and very sincere-she explained the programme to me and didn't bat an eyelid when I stood on the scales and saw my starting weight. I couldn't believe I weighed that much-I was so embarrassed. I decided there and then that I would forget that number as I was determined to say goodbye to it and never weigh that much again.

Within the first week I had lost 9lbs-I was over the moon! I felt great- excited that I had finally found a programme that was working for me. Since starting the programme in February I have lost over 4 stone and continue to lose more. The staff at the clinic are invaluable and genuinely rejoice with you in your weight loss. They are a great support system to have with you on your journey. Dr. Eva is very encouraging as she offers words of support and praises all efforts. The weight loss has affected me in many ways-I have been able to discontinue the medication for my DVT, I have more energy, feel more confident and enjoy life more. I enjoy going to the clinic each week as I get excited at the thought of saying goodbye to the old me and hello to the new smaller me