“I was having huge problems with lowering my blood sugar medically, as well as the weight. My blood sugar just wasn’t going down – I had been to see everyone, doctors, dieticians, so when I saw an article about how the Orsmond Clinics Programme can help those with diabetes, I said I’d give it one last try.

After my first consultation, Dr. Eva Orsmond said that she would help me win the battle against diabetes if I stuck with the programme for a month. I was off insulin after five weeks because my blood sugar had returned to normal!

Losing the weight has completely changed my lifestyle. I followed every diet under the sun, but this was the only programme that actually worked for me. It just amazed me that after the programme, I was getting normal blood sugar readings that I hadn’t had for years. I really like the fact that Dr. Eva Orsmond takes a personal interest. She’s very tough, but it really works.”