Anne booked the appointment without Sarah’s knowledge, only breaking the news to her in the days before. Seeing her mother’s concern and the impact that the extra weight could have on her health, she decided to give it a go.

“I was so nervous about going in. When you have a lot of extra weight on, you are so self-conscious and I was just thinking that I would be the biggest person that they had seen or whatever. But they were great; they just see you as a person. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming.”

After a consultation with Dr Eva, Sarah began to work on sticking to her new routine, which included a new diet of regular small meals and exercise.

“It was tough to begin with! Sticking to my programme was hard but when I went in for my next meeting with the clinic after 5 days, they told me that I had lost 6lbs and that was a great motivation to keep going! It’s great because I have never been hungry the entire time that I have been on the programme. It’s all about eating small amounts on a regular basis. I thought it would have been harder to get used to but after a few weeks it becomes your normal routine.

“There is no way that I would have gotten the same result if I was just doing it on my own. Knowing that you have to go in to the clinic and they are going to know whether you have been sticking to the programme or not really keeps you focused. It’s like doing your Leaving Cert or something, they are going to know if you haven’t been doing your study!” she laughs.

Sarah has lost 14 stone and is now just one stone away from her initial target weight. She has noticed a huge improvement in her quality of life and is thrilled with the results. “Before I often found that I couldn’t sleep but now I have a regular sleeping pattern. I have loads of energy and basically life is just so much easier without all that extra weight!” Mum Anne agrees, saying that she is astounded at her daughter’s dedication to the programme