For me the biggest advantage of the system at the Orsmond Clinic is that you are in control of the speed at which you lose the pounds and the inches by your choice of programme.  The biggest motivator is the difference you can feel and see in yourself and that other people see in you and if that occurs over a period of weeks and months and not months and years that is what drives you to keep going.

My husband is the cook in the family and I have always been happy to let him prepare the meals but the programme has helped me to get back into cooking for myself and understanding that you can have tasty and nutritional meals with mostly vegetables and a moderate amount of protein.  The broad range of recipes provided have been a great help.  Variety as we know is the spice of life so if there is a choice of meals available it is easier to stick to the regime.

Dieting alone is extremely hard so the weekly one to one meeting with the nutritionist is really helpful just to check that you’re doing right thing, to keep you on track and to show you that it can be done.  Even if there are bad weeks you know there is someone there encouraging you to carry on and get to your target weight.

* clothes were provided by Khan's boutique in Blackrock.