“I’ve always had a weight problem, but after I had children, it steadily went up and up. My main motivation for losing weight was that when I went to get life assurance, they were going to charge me double due to my weight. When I started with the Orsmond Clinics, I was morbidly obese.

The beauty with the Orsmond Clinics Programme is that you can start on different levels. I went in for the most stringent one, where you lose ten per cent of your weight within six weeks. I lost almost six stone in weight before the summer, and from June to September, I maintained my weight. I now have just six kilos to go.

I’m having great fun now being able to buy clothes and my energy levels are up. I’ve gone back doing aqua aerobics, walking and the gym. You have to be absolutely disciplined, but it’s worth it because every week you go, the weight comes down.”