My name is Nora Whelan. I am 67 years old. I am a Mother of two girls and two boys and grandmother of eight children. I have been a DIABETIC for the past 18/20 years. Unfortunately I have no early records.


I attend the Diabetic clinic at St. James Hospital. My next visit is in two years time, which is a long time if you are a diabetic.


When I first went to St. James Hospital I was prescribed DIET only, but this did not work and soon I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma. It was successfully removed in 2008 at Beaumont Hospital.


I have had my tablets increased in the past few years, and worried where I would end up, maybe eye problems/limbs/kidney etc. I had heard about Dr. Eva Orsmond’s programmes to reverse diabetes so I booked into her clinic on the 4th July 2012, in Newbridge. I was assessed and advised to follow a 600 cal a day diet. I also recorded my bloods 3 times a day. I weighed in at 13st 7lb and at the time was on a lot of tablets.


Dr. Eva suggested that I drop the Diamicron after a little while I also dropped two Glucophage.


It was a hard diet but I got used to it and when I started to notice that I was losing weight at a steady rate I was very pleased. I also noticed that my bloods were very good. After three months I visited my GP. He was impressed and he changed my tablets. Crestor was gone and my blood pressure tablets were reduced to 5mg.


It is now nine months since I first started the diet, and to date I have lost over 3 ½ stone. I am now about 64kg and my bloods are between 4.5 and 7. I am now on a maintenance programme and have introduced most foods back into my diet. I feel very good and healthy with lots of energy. I have also dropped from a size 20/22 to 12/14 and I am very pleased with myself.


So, thank you to Dr. Eva and her wonderful team who looked after and encouraged me. I am a new me and looking forward to the summer and enjoying my life without the worry of Diabetes.