Weight loss for me began last summer (2015) when I saw my endocrinologist who told me that I had to lose weight.  He gave me a prescription to be filled in order to do glucose intolerance test to test for diabetes.  I immediately commenced the diabetic medication Glucophage prior to any official diagnosis of being diabetic. 

I went to my GP to get my test results and got them off the surgery’s secretary.  I wanted to know what the tests were about, what did these readings say about my health, did I have diabetes – so I went onto google and basically self-diagnosed myself from the glucose intolerance test results that I could have diabetes.

I work in social care and I work with people who have diabetes and I see what it does to them and I didn’t want that to happen to me.

I was sitting at home at the beginning of October and Dr Eva Orsmond was on the Ray Darcy Show.  Everything that Dr Eva was saying was ringing a bell with me and I realised that I had to lose weight and wondered how I am going to do this.

You cannot change what you do not acknowledge and everything that Dr Eva said about diabetes and the obesity crisis made me come to the conclusion that I needed to see Dr Eva and that maybe she could help me.  The morning after the show I rang the Orsmond Clinic in Dublin and got an appointment for 21st October at 7.00 am which meant that I had to get up really early to make that appointment but I was determined not to lose my health due to my weight.

I went in and saw Dr Eva in the Osmond Clinic in Galway on the 21st October 2015.  The first thing she said to me after putting the measuring tape around my waist is that you have at least 6 stone to lose.  I hopped up on the scales, I knew I had weight to lose but I didn’t think I had that much weight to lose!  My starting weight that day was 103 kg (16st 2.5 lbs).

I had to accept the reality and I knew I was in the best place to get this weight off and get my health back.  From looking at various programmes I started the very low calorie diet and stopped taking Glucophage on Dr Eva’s recommendation.  My HbA1c was reading 46 at that time.  I reached my first weight loss target, which was 10% of my starting weight, within 30 days of starting the plan.  By November I was sleeping better and wasn’t hungry.  Dr Eva repeated my bloods on 3 November 2015 which showed my HbA1c was already reduced to a non-diabetic 34.  By February 2016 I had exceeded my second weight loss target brining my total weight loss then to 21.2 kg in just 3 months. 

Today after losing 5 stone, my HbA1c is now 31 without having taken the Glucophage since 21 October 2015 and that is extraordinary.  Thinking of all the side effects that would have resulted of me actually staying on the Glucophage, which is a chemical that I was putting into the body.  I’m doing this now, having reduced my HbA1c to 31, just through diet alone.

The nurse in my GP practice told me to stop taking diabetic readings as I was getting fixated on my diabetes, on taking my readings and what they were.  She was so impressed with my weight loss and my HbA1c, which at 31 is normal and wonderful, she told me to stop taking my readings as I was driving myself mad doing them.   

I turned 40 last August but I actually feel 30, I don’t feel like a 40 year old woman, I feel so young.  I feel so different; I’m absolutely delighted with where I have come from to where I am now.  I look in the mirror and can’t believe it’s me.  I have so much more energy.  I’m not waking at 3 or 4 in the morning and my blood sugars all over the place and waking up in the morning feeling like crap. Now I go to bed, I go to sleep and I wake up in the morning so refreshed.  

I’m in control of my future.  It hasn’t been written, so for my endocrinologist to have told me I had diabetes, it’s just all been blanked because it hasn’t been written.  My future hasn’t been written and that’s all because of the Orsmond Clinic.  Here I am, 6 months down the road, I have 5 stone lost and feel just brilliant.  I just feel like a new woman.