I first came to Orsmond clinics August 30th last year weighing in at 167 kilos and had a BMI of 56.3 (present BMI 31.3). I was always a slim teenager but after giving birth to my son Adam at the age of 24, my weight continued to increase little by little every year. By the time I was 39 I weighed about 18 stone and decided it was time to quit smoking. Within that year of giving up, I gained 5 stone. I didn’t feel any health benefits from giving up cigarettes as now it was my weight that was causing me health problems. My mobility was greatly compromised and I found I couldn’t stand for any length of time, never mind exercising! I could also feel my asthma was worsening and I had to sleep with a CPAP machine. The turning point for me was in July 2012 when I had to go to London for a work conference. This trip really made me see how debilitating it was to be so overweight. I had to stop and rest several times on my way to the gate to catch my flight. Although my boss and other work colleagues were patient, accommodating and understanding, I was hugely embarrassed. It was so hot in London that July and I found it unbearably uncomfortable. Also that summer, myself and my sister went on our annual camping trip with our children. My sister did everything in terms of cooking and cleaning and playing with the children as I didn’t always have the energy to get out of my chair! Looking back now, I can see how patient and accommodating she was, and how little I could actually do on that trip. My son Adam became quite impatient with me on that trip too. He wanted me to join in on all the activities but it was almost impossible for me to do anything energetic! I have always suffered with back pain as a result of slipped discs but with all the weight I had gained, my mobility was really compromised. My son had to put my shoes and socks on as even this simple task felt like an enormous feat.


I started the diet on that day on the phase 1 plan. My first target was to get to 150 kilos which I achieved in 6 weeks. During this time, I could feel my energy levels and mobility improving greatly and my clothes getting looser by the day! I spent another 5 weeks on phase 1 getting down to 142 kilos before moving onto the next plan, phase 2. (11 weeks on phase 1 losing a total of 24.7 kilos/3 stone 12lbs).


I continued successfully on the phase 2 plan from November up until July this year losing a further 50 kilos (7stone 12lbs). This year I’ve really noticed that I have been paying fewer visits to my doctor with chest problems and back pain – these problems have greatly subsided with the weight loss.


I have moved on to the next plan now with Orsmond clinics (3a) and I’m feeling confident in achieving further weight loss over the coming weeks.


Losing this weight has allowed me to take up Yoga and other forms of exercise. In the past, exercise brought on pressure pains in my back and knees. I am now enjoying the “pain” or the “burn” after exercise rather than pressure pain that exercise exerted on my joints when I was a lot heavier.


I have tons of energy now and my quality of life has greatly improved. I no longer sleep with a CPAP machine. When I first came to the clinic I suffered with colon polyps but these disappeared as the weight fell off.


To date I have lost almost 12 stone. That’s almost half of my body weight when I first joined Orsmond clinics. It really is amazing what you can achieve in one year.