I have now lost almost 8 ½ stone and I can’t believe how easy I found it. I didn’t find it difficult at all. I went for my visit every week and found it so good because it was all about the diet and making sure I was doing things as I should and giving me recipes for variety and to make sure I wasn’t going to lose interest. I was never one to do much cooking but since I started the Orsmond Clinics diet I am much more interested in cooking and making sure I am eating more healthily. I had gone for one to one visits somewhere else before and the person I saw was more interested in talking about herself than how I was doing!

Because I was so heavy it was only when I had lost about 4 stone that I really started to see and feel the benefits. Now that I am down almost 8 ½ stone I realise how much my life was effected or even ruled by my weight.

You think differently when you’re fat! You are forced to think differently. Now I can go into a clothes shop and buy something that I really want not just something that fits! I never stood at the front for a photo, the kids were always put in front of me! If I was going on holiday I was scared getting on the plane because I was actually thinking what if the seat belt doesn’t fit around me! I dreaded parties of any sort, especially Christmas, in fact, I just didn’t go to any, I made excuses! But the biggest thing was going out in public with my family, especially my daughter, now I can go out with her and not feel like I’m letting her down because I’m the fattest mammy in the place! It’s such a good feeling! I really don’t get this “I’m fat and I’m Happy”!! People actually treat you differently when you’re fat and I don’t think they even know they are doing it! They have the perception, if you’re fat you’re lazy and a fat persons opinion doesn’t count.

There was just one problem. I had to get so many new work uniforms, I went through every size from 24/26 to 10/12. That’s a lot of uniforms!

The biggest thing for me was the support I had, not just from the Orsmond Clinics but from my family and friends. I am delighted with life now! I can buy the clothes I want! Health wise I have no worries! I can wear high heels now! I feel that now I’m living life the way I should!