I tried a lot of different diets but nothing seemed to work. I would always lose some of my weight but struggled to get back to my original weight. When my sister began working for Dr. Eva I asked for her help. I attended Orsmond Clinic in Newbridge and found the programme fantastic. It was so easy to follow and really enjoyable. I began making delicious soups and evening meals and really enjoyed all of the food. I found the weekly weigh ins really motivating as I saw the weight drop off. I also liked that the consultations were one to one.

I soon saw all of the benefits and my energy was really good. I am so happy with what I have achieved. I lost 1stone and a half (9.8kgs) in 10weeks and have managed to maintain my weight since. I love going shopping now and feel so confident. I am exercising a lot now and feel healthier than ever. Even my boyfriend has lost weight!