“I was very overweight at 20 stone, was suffering from diabetes and had a slight heart attack. It was then that I decided to go to the Orsmond Clinics. Within six months, I’ve lost three stone, and have another stone and a half to lose in the next six months.”

Not only that but his blood sugar levels have gone from 11 to 5.5, his blood pressure is down, his cholesterol is normal and he’s generally feeling great.

“When you’re carrying three stone around with you, it’s pretty serious. Before I couldn’t walk for 15 minutes but now I’d walk for an hour. I did find the plan hard at the start but once I got used to it, I found that I was never hungry, and I can still have a few drinks at the weekend. I think it’s down to balance. If I’m on holidays, I let myself go a little, and then get back on track straight away again.”

“Claire, my wife did it with me too, which was a great help. I’m really happy I did the programme; I’m a different person altogether.”