What Dr. Eva says about Josephine Weigh Loss Success.

 At 66, she's a role model for anybody who thinks they have left it too late to change their ways, and their lives. When we started filming the show together Josephine had very high cholesterol and blood pressure and was unfit - she'd get out of breath easily. But now that has changed; she's glowing with health after losing so much weight and she has buckets more energy.

 After starting a Very Low Calorie Diet Josephine's weigh loss was immediate and she had lost a stone in 1 month. The Very Low Calorie Diet gives people a kick-start with their weight loss. When this is achieved, people start feeling the benefits and are more motivated to continue. By allowing just 600 to 800 calories a day the body has no other alternative but to burn fat or lean muscle. Obviously you want the body to burn fat tissue so it is important that you give it enough protein, vitamins an minerals, provided in special supplemental snacks and bars.

 The diet -  which has also improved the lives of people suffering with type 2 diabetes, headaches and insomnia - has been proven to lead to an average weigh loss of 3- 5 pounds per week

 Successful weigh loss is all about having belief. So many people don't have that because they have failed so many times with their dieting. At our clinics we give people the confidence to really believe that they can lose weight - which they go on to do.