It all started at Xmas 2011, when I began feeling unwell. My symptoms included the following:

·  chronic fatigue

·  sweating

·  itchy skin

·  feeling thirsty all the time

·  frequent urination.

I did not know it at the time but I do now. These are all consistent with Diabetes. In the run up to Christmas I started to notice a strong smell when I burped. I did not take much notice and generally had no worries. But on St Stephens morning all this changed. When I woke up I was sweating profusely and felt generally very unwell. I had a nasty cough and headed to the bathroom. As a result of all the coughing, I was spitting out the phlegm, and noticed it was a "rusty" colour!

It seemed to me that I was coughing up blood? but I headed back to bed and stayed there for two days to see if the symptoms would subside. They did seem to, so I headed back to work, and thought i was over the worst.

A few days back at work and the "rusty" blood was still on my mind, so I decided to head to my GP. He indicated that I may have had an infection and was likely over the worst, however he wanted me to have a chest X-Ray. We arranged with the local hospital to have it the following day. After the x-ray, they indicated my GP would receive the results once processed. I continued working, with little to no concern. This was soon about to change.....

January 2012. I got several missed calls and messages from my GP, so I knew there was something up. The x-ray results had come back and there was a shadow that needed further investigating. I was advised to head to hospital and be prepared to be kept. Worried and apprehensive I was admitted and the tests began.

My first initial shock came when the hospital Doctor asked me how long I was diabetic? I said I am not! He then said their tests taken earlier that day, indicated type 2 diabetes. I told him I was not aware I was diabetic, but he said the diabetes, while a concern, was not the immediate concern, but the "shadow" on the left lung was and I needed to have a CT scan. They sent me down for the scan and about a half hour later, I was rushed into an isolation room and told not to leave it till further notice. I felt scared as nobody had told me what the scan showed. About 2 hours later the consultant came in to me, and he first apologized for being left in this "holding" room as they were preparing a bed in the ward. The diagnosis was that I may have TB, but said that the scan was not 100% sure, but it required isolation till proven. 

After spending 2 weeks in isolation, with various tests etc, and also being treated for type 2 diabetes, I was taken to Galway for a ‘broncho scope'. After several consultations it was revealed that I did not have TB, but pneumonia. The "rusty" blood was as a result of my lung bleeding around a "cavity" on the inner left upper lobe surface. The lung specialist indicated the cavity was the size of a golf ball. To say I was worried would be a massive understatement. Everything that was in my mind up to that point became insignificant. This cavity could kill me, and at one stage the dreaded “c” word was mentioned, and tests would have to be undertaken to rule this in or out. Worrying times indeed. The treatment involved another 2 week stay in hospital followed by 6 weeks heavy medication at home. Thankfully this treatment solved the pneumonia - BUT the medicine cabinet still held a huge amount of diabetic medication.

For two years (Feb 2012 - Feb 2014 )  I continued to take diabetic medication and was routinely checked by the local diabetic nurse. My medication was never reduced but remained constant throughout. The good news was that the medication was keeping my diabetes under control. Then on Feb 2014 I went to my GP for a regular check-up. Of course he was aware of my journey and he did a thorough check. He indicated my blood pressure was elevated and he was concerned enough to prescribe a "tablet " for it. I thought to myself, “my god this is another tablet I need to take for the rest of my days”. I asked my GP if there was anything I could do to reduce the tablet intake. He mentioned perhaps increase physical activity and lose some weight. It was interesting regarding the weight as I did not feel overweight, nor did I look particularly heavy.

I felt depressed leaving the GP that day. For the next few days the mood was on the floor. At this stage I was taking 9 tablets per day, between diabetes, cholesterol, and now blood pressure. For those of you that like numbers – that’s 279 tablets a month, or 3348 a year.!!

I was not a happy guy. But little did I know my fortune was about to change. 

In my work I do a lot of driving, covering up to 2000 km a week at peak. This was obviously taking its toll as I was not getting much exercise, and breaks usually meant a trip to the filling station. I now smile when I think about the term “filling station”! For me it meant filling up with breakfast rolls and Kit Kats.

Driving home one evening, I was listening to "the right hook" radio show. George had a guest named Dr. Eva Orsmond in studio. To this day I cannot remember what they were talking about, but it must have been around lifestyle and obesity, because it prompted me to look up Dr Eva when I got home.  I ‘googled’ her and found the Orsmond Clinic site and email them to see if I could get an appointment to with Dr Eva. Soon afterwards my journey with Orsmond Clinics began, and this is where things got VERY interesting.....

Feb 5th 2014, I walked into Orsmond Clinics in Oranmore, Galway and met with Dr Eva Orsmond. We talked at length about my journey thus far and then proceeded to do some tests. Starting with my weight (that day it was 86.7kg), and then she took bloods etc. After Dr Eva explained the different diets, I decided I would start on the VLCD and see how it goes. She did comment to me that I was certainly not the most obese man she had as a client, but that I was overweight and in the obese category for my BMI.

My BMI on Feb 5th was 30.4 (obese class 1), and worse, my metabolic age was that of a 64 year old male, yet I was only 49 !

Here is a summary of the figures as I progressed through the program:  see attached PDF file






5 Feb 2014





8 Feb 2014





15 Feb 2014





22 Feb 2014





26 Feb 2014





5 Mar 2014





12 Mar 2014





19 Mar 2014





26 Mar 2014





2 Apr 2014





9 Apr 2014





17 Apr 2014





1 Oct 2014






Now – about the tablets !

On Feb 5th 2014 I was taking 9 tablets a DAY for diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol. A month into my programme with Dr Eva, I had reduced my diabetes medication and was on 7 tablets a day. So I had managed to reduce my medication by changing my diet. Its important to note that at no point was I exercising, I was only following the plan. When I say I “followed the plan”, I mean I followed it to the letter. It was not easy, and at times it is still not easy, but I did what I was told, and it worked!

On 18 MAR 2014 (6 weeks into the programme) I was OFF ALL DIABETIC & CHOLESTEROL medication!! A remarkable achievement through careful supervision, expert guidance and personal determination.

I went back to my GP in April 2014 , and we discussed my journey through Orsmond Clinics, and he was really impressed. He sat up in his chair and stared at me as I explained briefly how I had progressed. All was very good and he was extremely happy with my turn around.  However, I had an agenda for seeing him...I was still on a BP tablet and I needed to get off it. My BP was ok that day - but don’t forget I had taken my BP tablet that morning.

So we decided to fit a 24 hour BP monitor and see what it showed. I came back a week later and the results were "optimal" which is better than good. However he would still not take me off the BP tablet , as the reading may have been influenced by the BP tablet. So with this in mind he took me off the BP tablet for 5 days and told me we would repeat the 24 hr test then.  The following result was perfect. I asked him does that mean I can stop the BP tablet and he said "YES" ....RESULT !

After a little more discussion, the last thing my GP said to me as I walked out the door was "Gerry, you need to go tell the world about this.."

So I am.

A few thoughts come to mind. The most striking one is that my diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure was resolved by changing my diet and my lifestyle, and by losing weight.  In total, to date (5 Oct 2014) I have lost 16.3 kgs or 2.5 stone. Now that’s not a lot, but it was enough for me to reverse my diabetes, and more importantly get off ALL medication as well. The secret is to follow Dr. Eva’s plan to the letter, yes to the letter. I did and I am proof it works.

Another thought that still troubles me daily, and as of yet remains to be answered by the medical profession is :

Why was a program like Dr Eva’s ( ie VLCD ) NOT offered to me as a newly diagnosed diabetic? 

Surely the medical professionals, consultants and specialists in diabetes and endocrinology are aware of it? 

Are there "other" aspects at play here, ie the large pharmas interests, dare I ask or is that being cynical. If I can seek out such a program, participate in it and display the life changing results, surely the medical profession would be interested? You would think so, unless they are being influenced by others? I now know the meaning of the phrase "sure, there’s a tablet for everything". There may well be a tablet for everything, but there is also an alternative. This alternative is cheaper too.

Thanks to George Hook, Dr Eva Orsmond and my own resolve, I have reversed my type 2 diabetes and am off ALL medication. Had I not embarked on this journey I would still have type 2 diabetes and would have swallowed 9500 tablets to date. Read that last line again !

In conclusion, can I give leave you with this thought.

If I had gone to a weight management / weight loss club, instead of Orsmond Clinics, I would no doubt have lost some weight BUT I WOULD STILL be taking diabetic medication and other medication, and may well still be diabetic. This is because with medical supervision under Dr Eva, my metabolic change was monitored constantly, and the reversal of Type 2 and reduction in cholesterol and blood pressure was spotted during the journey. Thank God I went to Orsmond clinics, when I did.