While pregnant with her second child, Geraldine decided that once she was over the pregnancy, she’d do the Orsmond Programme.

“My life has changed because I have more energy; it’s made a huge improvement to my confidence, which was damaged before I lost weight. I had lost interest in going out and mixing with people because I was always selfconscious."

“Health-wise, I feel fantastic; so full of energy. I don’t feel bloated and pulled down all the time; it’s given me back huge confidence to be able to go out and buy the clothes I always wanted to wear. I’d also like to say that coming to the clinic is fantastic; it’s a one-to-one service tailor-made to me. Also, the staff are so welcoming; I just felt totally relaxed from day one, which is a huge help because you’re not dreading coming into your weigh-ins.

My husband and family have also been a huge support to me, which has been invaluable in my weight-loss.”