"I'm Ciara, 23 years of age and a full-time student. I first heard of the Orsmond Clinic in Galway from another client who was going to the same gym as my mum and I - she said how well it had worked for her and I had tried everything but hadn't been able to get the weight down. I'm 5'0" and my weight was 12 stone - it was going up and down even when I was attending a Slimming World class and had a personal trainer! Now I've lost 3 stone and 3 lb, I was size 16 with a 43" waist and now I'm a size 10 with a 32" waist - I can only say I feel ecstatic!!! 

The clinic staff were always welcoming, friendly and understanding - I never dreaded coming to the clinic and really learned how to eat healthily. Now I don't crave take-aways, crisps or chocolate, I love the way I eat; I'm doing great at the gym and I've even received compliments from people there who've see the change in me over the months!  

The plan was easy to follow and there was always great support from the staff on the phone and in person. I've learned how to eat the right portions for my body size - petite! "