You see, I have type 1 diabetes, and have had it since I was 6 years old. I remember the diagnosis, the terrible thirst I had and the insulin injections – they were big in those days! Type 1 diabetes tends to be associated with “skinny” “underweight”, but that is only before people are diagnosed. A lot of type 1 diabetics are overweight, and I never knew why until I met Dr. Eva.

When a type 1 diabetic eats anything containing sugar or starch, we need an insulin injection. Otherwise the sugar rises high in the blood, and can’t fit into the cells to be used for energy.

As a teenager, I denied my condition, ate buckets of sugar, and guessed my insulin needs a lot. I gained weight steadily. I never really understood how much insulin I needed and how much I should eat. I’d be always hungry, a divil for a biscuit, guzzling bits of lucozade to avoid getting a “low”- a low blood sugar. I used to have a big supply of lucozade in my house.

I never drank or smoked, but I was told my blood pressure was high. I knew the weight was too much for my small height. At a size 16 I was horrified. But of course, it was soon size 18, and then size 20. I was very unhappy with my weight. But bursts of healthy eating and exercise did me no good, and were short lived!

At an uncle’s months mind last year, I got chatting to a cousin’s friend - Noel Kennedy - who had clearly lost a lot of weight and was looking fantastic. Noel had diabetes too. I was very intrigued! He told me he had seen Dr. Eva, and was after losing 6 stone! He praised her to no end and said he did what he was told and it worked. He warned that she was straight talking- but very nice too and very approachable. He really motivated me and I decided I was going to go to see her. However it was a few weeks before I built up the courage to book in to see her.

I learned so much about weight and my condition from day 1. Nobody had even told me in my 49 years with diabetes  -that insulin and weight were connected. Dr. Eva was honest and made a lot of sense. She cut my insulin immediately, and I was terrified my blood sugars would be sky high! But no, when my diet became right, there was a great balance. My blood sugars were perfect. Not only that, I had no hunger for sugar that I used to. Plain biscuits and lucozade were off limits on the diet but anyway, I lost my sugar desire fairly quickly; I didn’t miss it. I am happy to say there is no longer a drop of lucozade in my house, and no plain biscuits either. It’s been a year, and I am now maintaining my weight without any issue –the diet was certainly not a quick fix but more a gradual health gain and learning curve.

From a size 20, I am now a size 10 to 12. I feel on top of the world, and full of energy and confidence. Shopping is back....My husband might be sorry after all! But really, I am so glad I made that booking with Dr. Eva and if there was any type 1 diabetic with weight to lose I can only say it is the best thing you could do.

Carmel Healy, Roscommon.