I broke my leg when I was 28, and that was the end of my sports. Stones crept on over the years and in my early 30s I was quite heavy. At 33 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes by accident – high sugar in the urine was picked up in a routine work health check.

I was started on medications for the diabetes immediately and told to lose weight. I tried every diet under the sun to get the weight down but I never had much success. My blood sugars were not great and I was on insulin injections within 4 years. I accepted that this was going to be forever, and didn’t think much about it.

However my weight kept on increasing. I had a ferocious craving for bread and coke, and the insulin was only causing my cravings to worsen. With high blood sugars, I needed a high dose of insulin and then the insulin caused my appetite to increase. It was a spiral that continued for 20 years. I developed complications 5 years ago –an eye condition called glaucoma which I now have to treat regularly.

I was very unhappy with my weight. My shirts were too tight and I reached a point where I could not bend down to tie my shoes as my belly had gotten so big. I slept terribly every night and my energy was rock bottom. My quality of life was affected and I was beginning to lose interest in things in general.

In February, I bumped into a friend after not seeing him for a year. He had attended Dr. Eva’s clinic, lost 7 stone, reversed his type 2 diabetes, and was off all insulin and all medications. I couldn’t believe it. I decided to book in to see Dr. Eva straight away.

When I came to her Orsmond Clinics, I was on 210 units of insulin daily, on top of my blood pressure and diabetes medications. She explained how we could go about reversing the diabetes with a medical diet. I started that day, 100% committed to change, and I was quickly surprised at how fine the diet was.  It was very practical. The foods were nice: I had my snacks, I made my soups and my recipes and the family ate those too. I didn’t have to wonder what I should be eating – it was all very clear and there was no question about it. The whole thing was made easier as I lost my cravings for coke and bread quickly, and they have never come back.