I have always loved going shopping but now it’s so easy to find clothes to fit me and I
also have a more of a variety to choose from. This is something a lot of people take for granted but it has made a huge difference to my confidence and my life.

Orsmond Clinics take a fresh approach to weight loss. I realised how the weight was affecting my health and not just my physical appearance. I found the staff so helpful and understanding which was great encouragement
for me and kept me motivated. I want to share my experience with others and help them achieve what I have achieved as I have experienced firsthand how life changing it is. I want others who are feeling that it will never happen for them to realise that it is possible; you just need the right kind of support. I could not have achieved this alone. Both Orsmond Clinics and my Fiancée John have been a huge support to me, which has been invaluable in my weight-loss.

* clothes were provided by Khan's boutique in Blackrock.