My name is Aisling. I am 34 years of age.


Growing up I was always inclined to be plump, well, over weight.

During my teen years I was heavy but very active, playing basketball and hockey.

In my twenties the weight gradually increased and so I began one diet after another but the results were short lived.


It was back in 2012 I heard about Orsmond Clinics on the radio. After hearing what Orsmond Clinics was about I went home and discussed this with my sister in law and I decided to give it a try. With her support and after seeing Dr Eva on Operation Transformation this gave me more inspiration to lose weight. I became a client at the end of September 2013 which was the best thing so far that has ever happened. When I joined I was 15stone 9lbs. I was full of anxiety meeting Dr Eva as I felt my case was hopeless. I was blessed I didn't have any medical problems like diabetes etc.


On my first visit I was welcomed with open arms by Dr Eva herself and her fabulous staff. Dr Eva asked me why I wanted to lose weight. I told her I didn't feel good about myself and I wasn't happy being the size I was. I then gave her a breakdown of all my history trying to lose weight and trying to keep it off at the same time. She offered me programmes that she thought might be suitable. I then had to choose one that appealed to me most. It was a very low calorie diet which meant using products from Eurodiet along with my vegetables. Very quickly my body reacted in a positive way and I felt much more energetic and contented within myself.


I attended the clinic for a visit every week. My first weigh in showed I lost 6lbs and gradually the weight decreased weekly. After 6 months I have lost 3stone 12lbs (well will be 4stone something very soon after writing this!).  As a result I feel very healthy, full of energy and above all I have good self-esteem.


My goal now is to maintain my present weight, continue my exercise playing cricket for the summer instead of hockey until that starts back in August (after cup final 5th April!). I am now on a natural diet of vegetables, meat, fish and selected fruits and yogurts.        


After 6 months I have lost 3stone 12lbs. I feel very healthy, full of energy and above all I have good self-esteem!