The Programme:

Before engaging in this type of diet a medical investigation is necessary to evaluate contraindications and to check medication use during the diet. VLCKD have no serious harmful effects and can be safely used by patients with various chronic diseases when first screened for contraindications. Because the carbohydate content is so low it is impossible to create a balanced VLCKD diet using only nutrition composed of ordinary foods. For this reason VLCKD diets are composed of high protein low carbohydrate products (with all the recommended daily allowances of minerals, vitamins, trace elements and essential fatty acids) and of vegetables. The purpose is to achieve large weight loss while providing adequate nutrition and preserving vital lean body mass.

In the Orsmond Clinics we use the Eurodiet range of products that are manufactured by Protein System in France, a market leader in this type of food production.

VLCKD diets allow the use of a range of vegetables that include most of the green vegetables that have the smallest amount of carbohydrates and have low Glycaemic Indices. These vegetables are an essential part of the diet and bring the important fibre content to the diet. By including plenty of vegetables from the 'low carbohydrate ketogenic group' also teaches the dieter the importance of vegetable fibre, an essential part of the future maintenance diet!

In Ireland 70% of the people don't even get the minimum of 15g of fibre a day but with the correct VLCKD diet, the fibre requirements are met. The recommended fibre intake should be 25-30g a day!

The VLCKD diet offers two advantages compared to conventional Low calorie diets.

  • VLCKD diet is ketogenic. This means that when our body burns mainly stored fat for energy purposes, ketone bodies are released as a 'waste product''. These ketone bodies suppress the appetite. The effects are typically felt after approximately three days on the diet and the patient notices that the feeling of hunger disappears.
  • VLCKD offers very quick initial weight loss. This is very motivational as the patient starts to very quickly feel the benefits of the weight loss. Energy levels usually improve and patients often claim a psycho-tonic effect (described as a generalised feeling of 'wellness'). 

In the Eurodiet method, the VLCKD diet is represented by Phase 1 and 2, giving the patient an option to choose from two different diet plans. Once a substantial weight loss has been achieved patients will be reintroduced to ordinary food. This gradual introduction of ordinary food is vital in order to create sustainable weight loss and maintenance. In fact the important behaviour modification mainly happens during phase 3 and 4.

Even though VLCKD is mainly composed of foods prepared from a powder form, it also has other products in the form of high protein pasta, bars, cereal and muffins. The huge range of product flavours and the possibility to use vegetables in different forms (raw, grilled or made in soups etc) gives the possibility for the 'dieter' to EAT a meal! This is not a liquid diet.