The Programme:

Why should diabetics lose weight?

In Ireland around 6% of the total health care expenditure goes to the direct medical management of this condition. There are numerous drugs that have been developed to "treat" diabetes and enable a diabetic to live a 'normal' life, but in most cases the patient remains on the drugs for life. Patients are informed that weight reduction is beneficial and will improve their glycaemic control. But weight loss can be very difficult for type 2 Diabetics due to the multitude of medications they are on.

Weight reduction can reverse type 2 diabetes. Even moderate weight loss can in many cases reduces insulin resistance and the patient can significantly reduce or even stop their medications. Over the past years, we have helped many type 2 Diabetics lose weight and reduce or stop their medication. See our testimonials. We can help you as well.

How do we help?

The Programme for Diabetics generally follows the same pattern as the Programme for Adults. During your initial assessment Dr. Orsmond will go through your medication and will explain the different diet options to you. Most of our diets can be adapted for diabetics however our VLCKD approach is the most suitable due to the low carbohydrate content. We will help you keep a close eye on your sugar (glucose) readings and guide you along the way wioth medication changes. Over the course of the programme your glucose and your HbA1c will be re-tested to make sure your glucose control is improving.