The Programme:

Menu nutritional analysis

With the ever increasing demand from the public for dependable and informative nutritional information, restaurants and other food establishments are being called upon to provide nutritional information to their customers. Even if you’re not yet required by law to provide nutritional information, you compete against those who are. By offering your patrons complete recipe analysis and menu nutritional information, you’re a step ahead of the competition. Do not let a lack of nutritional information for your menu options affect your business.

Looking to provide nutritional information but unsure where to start?  No need to worry let us do the hard work for you. You can now avail of our cost effective, full-service, menu nutritional analysis service.

Our service includes:

  • Liaison with one of our nutritionists to discuss your menu in detail
  • Thorough nutritional analysis of your menu using a state of the art nutritional analysis database
  • Provision of nutritional facts to share with your clients
  • Analysis of your entire menu or simply a few select items to present as a healthy options menu.
  • You can choose to avail of further services such as advice on how to improve the nutritional composition of your recipes to conform to current health recommendations.

This service can also be carried out for staff canteen’s etc. For further information regarding this service contact our head office in Loughlinstown on 01 282 7500.



Lifestyle assessment services

Are you aware that diet and lifestyle behaviours significantly affect our work performance?Leading an unhealthy lifestyle can result in poor energy levels, poor work performance and absenteeism among other things. If you are concerned that your employees could do with education on improving their overall lifestyle we are here to help.

Our services vary but include:

  • Assessing weight and height to obtain BMI and setting weight loss goals
  • Anthropometric measurements including waist and hip
  • Provide individual overview of health and lifestyle status
  • Blood tests (optional)
  • Nutritional and lifestyle education to improve energy levels, achieve weight loss if necessary and improve overall health

You can choose to have a once off visit with Dr.Eva and our nutritionists or you can choose to avail of regular follow up for a set period of time. We tailor our services to suit your needs.

For further information please call our head office on 01 282 7500.