When we eat, the carbohydrates that are not used immediately for energy are converted into triglycerides that are stored and used for energy later. Most triglyceride formation happens in the liver but a small amount also occurs in the fat cells. Too high triglyceride levels increase your risk of getting heart disease. A low HDL level often goes hand in hand with high triglyceride level. High triglyceride levels are usually the first and most important disturbance that occurs in Diabetes and this usually is evident even before high blood sugar levels. For this same reason it has been suggested that the name Diabetes Mellitus should be changed to Diabetes Lipidus(Fat) as there is so much evidence to suggest that the dislipidaemia of diabetes causes the devastating effect on the arteries.

Could I have high triglyceride levels? You are more likely if you;

  • are overweight,
  • eat a lot of sugary foods or food containing hidden sugar (high glycaemic food),
  • drink too much alcohol,
  • are diabetic,
  • eat a diet high in saturated fats,
  • are not very active.