Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic progressive illness: Chronic meaning forever and progressive meaning it will only get worse.

Or at least, this is the story you are told by most medical professionals and the pharmaceutical companies.

This is only true, if you stay the way you are.

Weight reduction is the most effective treatment for Type 2 Diabetes.

You are the most important member of your health care team and there is more you can do to help yourself. Our practical, step by step plan has helped hundreds of Type 2 Diabetics to make changes for amazing results. You don’t need to be superhuman, or to question your will power, but with our realistic approach and support, you too can achieve life changing results.

Seeing is believing – come along to see and taste the diet that can help you to lose 10% of your current weight in just 30 – 40 days, and it will have an immediate positive effect on your Type 2 Diabetes.