Following a short documentary by Kerry football legend Tomás Ó Sé on how we can prevent our children becoming some of the fattest in Europe, it became apparent that this was going to be a heavy discussion on this show.

While it is clear there is no one solution, doing nothing is clearly not working and something has to be done urgently.

Dr Eva's opinion is that the Governments’ 10 step plan is not "real action" and won’t make a difference. Obesity levels keep rising and hand in hand with this Type 2 Diabetes is rising.

But we are not treating the cause of the illness, we are just medicating the effects.  Far more effort should and must be put into dietary changes and education before medication is administered.

"I have seen firsthand so many Type 2 Diabetic patients reduce or totally stop their medication just by losing some weight and improving their diet - it works!.  We are spending €1.5 billion on treating this illness which could be in most cases stopped before it started, improved or even reversed by making sure the patient is firstly told very clearly why they have diabetes, what their furture holds if they keep on living the same lifestyle, and what can be done to avoid going down that road.

The is the root of my frustration - when this medical condition can be treated so successfully with the right information, education, motivation and not just with medication.

So I ask again - please, for the sake of the Nation, let’s start tackling overweight and obesity head-on, let’s start treating Type 2 Diabetes with weight loss and diet, before drugs" Dr. Eva