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Dr Eva’s resturant menu “shock” tactics

While the press might call this a shock tactic, Dr Eva's idea of putting some images on the menu might just be a simple solution.

Having the calories on a menue is definatelygoing to help but a little image of a "large" stickman might be a simple way of highlighting high calorie dishes.


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Childhood obesity - summer challange

In next tuesdays (14 July 2015) Daily Mail read my article on childhood obesity and the health consequences.

I give some tips on how to approach the issue and to start a healthy eating lifestyle over the summer months.

We are here to help should you require profesional advice and support.

Enjoy the summer

Dr. Eva 

You never too young or too old to get healthy

In the Daily Mail this weekend was an inspiring article that featured a number of our clients including Kim, Gerry, John and our latest success, Ciara.

You are never too young ot too old to Lose weight and Get healthy.

With our medical based and supported programmes we can help you get your health back and significantly reduce your medication!

Yes, you can do it!

Daily Mail 21 Feb 2015

Dr Eva’s Springtime Shapeup Recipe Booklet

Dear Readers

There is a wonderful booklet in the Irish Daily Mail

this saturday 21 February 2015 called

"Dr Eva's Springtime Shape-up"

Its crammed with easy weight loss tips and 16 brilliant recipes

and best of all - its FREE in the Irish Daily Mail.  So dont miss out.

Dr Eva

Classic Hits 4FM presenters PJ and Damian Lose weight!

Well done PJ and Damian.

Dr Eva was in Classic Hits 4FM studio this morning and caught up with Damian and PJ following her suprise visit on tuesday (20 January).

They have both been trying to lose weight and Dr Eva came to help, and help she did!

It came as a bit of a shock to Damian that his BMI was just in the "obese catagory" BUT - after three days and losing 1.3 lb, he is back down into the "overweigth catagory".

More work to do Damian but well done!

PJ was Dr Eva's star this week with an amazing 4.6 lb (2.1kg) weight loss in just three days, and just goes to show that it can be done. just stick to the Plan!

For more information read about our programmes, health benefits or call us on 01 2827500 to find out how we can help you.

Classic Hits 4 FM - getting Damian and PJ into shape


I just did a surprise visit to Classic Hits 4FM Studio where Damian and PJ have been trying hard to get in shape.

As you might have heard, they needed some help, so I have put then onto our 3A Plan and have left them with some tasty filler soups and some of our Eurodiet products.

I will be back there again this friday morning  to see how they have been getting on.

Keep in touch with them via facebook and I would love to hear what you think on my facebook.

I Hope you are all doing well with your New Year's resolution Diet - if not give us a call and we can help.  Better now than never!

Best Regard - Dr. Eva

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New Year Resolutions - the time is NOW

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed the New Year celebrations!

From personal experience I know that this period of the year is a challange not to over indulge, and when January comes around we all have great ideas to shed those extra pounds and get in shape.

BUT,when you go back to work and the weather is cold and blowing a gale, the motivation starts to slip and that new year resolution slowly becomes a huge mountain that just seems impossible to climb.

STOP, THINK - when is the right time to start that diet, lose weight, get fit and become a healthier happier person?

New year?, Spring time?, Easter? start of summer? summer holidays? when the kids go back to school? in time for the christmas party?  

Actually, there is never a perfect time to start, so you might as well just start now - you have nothing to lose other than that excess weight!

So,    "cop on! ", calls us now and lets get going on that new years resolution!!

With warmest regards and best wishes to all

Dr. Eva 

Gerry reverses his Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol

Read Gerry's amazing story on how he changed his life around.


He has reversed his Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol all through lifestyle change.

Gerry was talking 279 tables a month, and is now on Zero medication.

all thanks to Orsmond Clinics and Dr Eva

Dr Eva’s “Drop a dress size” -free in the Daily Mail 10 Nov 2014

Free in the Irish Daily Mail on saturday 10 November.  This great little book has some easy healthy recipies taken from my 10 LB Diet book (available in book stores, from my clinics or online).  If you didnt manage to find a copy to buy (I hear they sold out!), then go to the evoke.ie website and find them there.



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Yuk Sung (minced pork with lettuce wrap)

Serves 4

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