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Type 2 Diabetes - Curse or Reverse? An Educational Discussion, 28 May 2017

Dr. Eva Orsmond presents an educational discussion about Type 2 Diabetes on 28 May 2017 at the Red Cow Hotel, Dublin.

Tickets are €17 and available from www.eventbrite.ie . Choose a sessions time that suits you at either 10am, 12noon, 2pm or 4pm. Spaces are limited!

Listen to her inspiring approach to improving or reversing your Type 2 Diabetes.

Meet and hear from people who have reversed or at least improved their diabetic progression. 

Watch the TV3 Sunday AM interview with Dr Eva and James - this is not magic, it can be done! TV3AMDrEva-interview

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Pre-Diabetes effects

While most people have heard of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, how many people are have any knowledge about Pre-Diabetes and how this condition can impact their health and well-being?

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Health Heart

According to the Irish Heart Foundation, every day in Ireland, 1 person suffers from a stroke and hundreds more are diagnosed with heart disease. 

Heart disease is a preventable disease.  You can possibly avoid this most common killer by improving your diet, losing weight and making some lifestyle changes.

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Exercise for Weight loss

We all know the many benefits that we enjoy when we exercise.  Exercise helps us sleep better, can improve our moods, makes us leaner and more toned, improves our heart health and our bone health, the list is endless. It has been described as a “miracle cure” by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in 2015 based on a huge meta-analysis study which examined the effect of exercise therapy on outcomes for those living with chronic conditions.  So, how does exercise rate when it comes to weight loss?

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Medication Nation

Watch Medication Nation on RTE 1 tonight 30 January 2017.

Dr Eva presents this eye opening documentary on Ireland's excessive use of medication.

"So many illnesses and ailments can so easily be improved or cured simply through lifestyle change.

I urge you all to take a second look at your list of medication, ask your Doctor what is the underlying factors

causing the disease and look at how you can solve these so that you don't need the medication!" Dr Eva.

Eva Dancing With the Stars

Another week has gone bye and I am still surviving and thoroughtly enjoying Dancing with the Stars

Keep watching and keep voting - thankyou to everyone so far for the Support

Dr Eva

Nora Inspires

Read Nora's amazing story in the Daily Mail Today.

Inspire "The night I realised who was in control of my future ... and weight

Read her full story in our testimonials.

Nora's Life Changing Story.

Claire Byrne Show

Did you watch the Claire Byrne Show Monday 10 Oct 2016?

I get so frustrated when such an obvious medical condition is being incorrectly treated and the easy way of just prescribing drugs is used.

“Please, for the sake of the Nation, let’s start tackling overweight and obesity head-on, let’s start treating Type 2 Diabetes with weight loss and diet, before drugs" Dr. Eva.

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Sugar Crash - RTE Documentary

What an amazing response and thank you to everyone for their amazing feedback!

Sugar Crash has awakened the concern I have had about excess sugar consumption for many years.

If you missed the show you can see it on RTE player:  SUGAR CRASH

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Dr Eva on Ray D’Arcy Saturday 10 Oct 2015

What an amazing interview!!

For those who missed Dr Eva on the Ray D'Arcy show on Saturday night, it's not too late!

You can watch this very entertaining and enlightening interview on Youtube  - just CLICK HERE

Or watch the full interview on the following link Ray D'Arcy RTE Player

Thank you so much to Mr.John Dalton for joining Dr Eva on the show and for his honest and sincere words! He is such an inspiration.

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