Dr Eva Orsmond (MD, MPH) founded Orsmond Clinics (originally Shape-Up Weight Management) in 2001 to pursue her interest in weight loss and nutrition. A leading expert in her field, Dr. Orsmond is Ireland’s sole private Medical Practitioner exclusively treating overweight and obesity in adults and children.

After qualifying at Pavia University, Italy in 1990, Dr. Orsmond returned to Finland to practice medicine. She began her training in Public Health and travelled regularly to work in developing countries. In 2000, she moved to Ireland, working in St. Columcille’s Hospital, Loughlinstown. She completed her Masters Degree at the Nordic School of Public Health at Goteborg University based on research undertaken at St. Columcille’s Hospital – writing a thesis titled “The Need for Weight Management Among Hospital Staff” (ISBN 91-89479-98-X).

A Healthier Diet Through Home Cooking

Dr. Eva believes that the only way to make any difference to the increasing obesity levels in Ireland is by increasing awareness of the medical consequences of obesity and by motivating people to enjoy a healthier diet, through home cooking.

Obesity itself is not treated as a disease in medical practice. Instead, its symptoms (e.g. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes) are treated with medication. In reality, numerous medical conditions can be treated through lifestyle change – weight reduction and a balanced healthy diet form a fundamental part of this change.

Dr. Orsmond believes that with the right support, education and motivation anyone can achieve weight loss and live a healthier life. Behaviour modification forms the foundation of her approach to the treatment of overweight and obesity.