Just how much sugar is the average Irish household consuming- and at what cost?

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Sugar Crash on RTE One on 11th January, 2016

Everyone loves sugar- and I am no different! Sugar consumption has however got completely out of hand, and now in Ireland we are facing the biggest obesity problems ever in the history.

So what has happened? In the 1970’s the average Irish person didn’t carry excess weight, and now the obesity statistics are grim. Although we are now more sedentary in our daily lives, it is our diet that has changed dramatically.

Many foods have hidden sugars that are even for a health professionals difficult to pinpoint, let alone for someone who doesn’t understand food labelling (or have time to read the small print!). Sugar comes in so many forms and is disguised under so many different names! Sugar is so addictive that people find it next to impossible to give it up. We need better understanding and improved labelling in our food products in order to make educated choices.

We are now advised by the WHO to keep our daily sugar consumption to less than 6 teaspoons every day (for adults; children even less depending on their age). Although this might not seem difficult at first if you’re not adding sugar in your food, it is those hidden sugars in our manufactured foods that quickly add to that and more.

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