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Weight loss expert Dr. Eva Orsmond warns public not to be duped into buying diet pills advertised in fake social media ads with her image

Dr. Eva Orsmond has become the latest household name to have her image used in a series of fake online ads. The obesity expert has told how her clinics have received hundreds of calls from people reporting they had been scammed into paying for keto pills over the summer which claim to burn fat. Celebrities […]

Facebook Scam

Hi everyone, I just wanted you all to know that I’ve been a victim of a Facebook scam in the last few days. I’m hoping to get to the bottom of it but would really appreciate anyone who has seen the posts recommending me to use these keto supplements to bring it to the attention […]

Week Four

We’re now at the end of our 4 week series of discussions with Brendan O’Connor! Hope you’ve all found the plans and recipes helpful and learned a bit about calorie counting. It’s hard to figure out exact calories as a lot of the information on the packaging is misleading and the applications used for calorie […]

Week Three

This week we’ll be discussing how to survive on the diet when going out- a hot topic as the pubs, restaurants and cafes are due to open. Dieting is not needing to be restrictive if you choose to eat somewhere where they have the menu calorie counted or are happy to make changes to suit […]

Week Two

Welcome to the second week of my tips as discussed on Radio One Brendan O’Connor show this Saturday the 20th of June at 11am! Hope you all survived and succeeded through the first week- always the toughest! In this chat we’re dwelling more into the unpleasant side effects of weight loss diet- hunger and constipation […]

Week One

Who would have ever thought dieting doesn’t necessarily have to mean giving up everything you love? Once you get familiar with calorie counting, you can make up your daily calories from foods that you love- keeping in mind that sugar and refined carbohydrates are best to be avoided when possible! Fill up on vegetables, have […]

Ireland AM- Healthy Eating during Covid 19

Many of our routines have been turned upside down in the last few weeks, with some of our eating habits out of kilter too. I will be sharing my tips on Ireland AM this Friday morning 1st May after 8.30am on how to stay healthy during Covid 19 and take back control of our diet.   […]

Newstalk Breakfast

  Thank you Newstalk Breakfast  for having me on this morning to talk about the over consumption over the Easter weekend. If you missed it you can listen back at the following link https://www.newstalk.com/shows/newstalk-breakfast-234855 Happy Easter and stay safe x