Orsmond Clinics during Covid 19


During COVID-19 restrictions, our clinics remain open for new and existing clients. We now offer digital service where our clients can choose to have their consultations via Skype or over the phone. We’re delighted to say that people have been able to commit to continuing their weight loss journey with us and we’ve welcomed several new clients on board too!

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Corona Virus- COVID 19

In light of the restrictions announced by the Taoiseach on Thursday 12th March 2020, Orsmond Clinics will, from Monday 16th March 2020, hold all of our consultations on line via Skype or on the telephone at the scheduled time of your appointment.

Weight will be monitored weekly with your help with accountability measurements in place. Therefore we kindly request a photo of your weigh- in for your chart using your home scales. It’s important now with our current situation that to be mindful of your health and risk factors associated with covid19.

Our clinics in Cork and Flemings Place are closed. We have a courier company available to deliver food at a cost of €12 per order. Clients may place their food orders and pay over the phone. Food will be delivered approximately 48 hours from the collection time. Alternatively, you may place the order, pay and collect food from the hallway in either our Galway or Loughlinstown clinic.

Orsmond Clinics values all its clients and staff and these new procedures will be in place until the government advises us otherwise. Stay safe.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

13th March 2020

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What are you weighting for?

There is no one diet that suits everyone!
In my clinics we offer individualised approaches to losing weight.
Whether it’s fast or slow approach!

The idea if you lose weight slowly, you are more likely to modify your behaviour in the long term and therefore will find it easier to maintain your weight loss. Slow weight loss does work for some people, but in reality most people lose motivation if they don’t start seeing results quickly and soon go back to their old habits.

Where the VLCKD (Very Low Calorie Ketogenic Diet) is rapid weight loss that gets the results and gets you motivated. It is a total break from eating habits based on the traditional food pyramid, and once you have lost the weight and stopped eating all those excess carbohydrates, you can put the effort into learning new eating habits and sustainable weight control.

I always tell my clients that there is many ways to get to Rome. It’s not necessarily how you lose excess weight; the most important things is that you make the effort to lose it!
We have Clinics in Cork, Dublin and Galway. Why not give us a call on 01 2827500 or email info@orsmondclinics.com for more informaion.

Easter Countdown

With 15 weeks until Summer & 6 weeks until Easter why not set yourself Easter goals!!
Take action and start your weightloss journey with us Orsmond Clinics and we can make the process easier as we do tailored plans for each individual.
What are you weighting for?
Call us on
01 2827500 or email info@orsmondclinics.com
Look at what you could achieve by Easter if you get started today!! ‍♂️‍♀️